You know when you’re listening to a lovely song on the radio, singing along with the windows down, birds flying along beside the car chirping as they go? And then the news comes on and amongst the music news and the current affairs there is always something utterly disgusting that is described in grotesque detail. And it makes me sick to my stomach. I’ve been known to burst into tears (and no, it wasn’t my time of the month) as a result of the news on the radio.

There seems to be a weird fascination with the shocking. Things that make you sick. For example today I heard no less than 4 times on the radio news that Gabriella could have heard about a man who had been charged today with manslaughter because he shook a toddler to death. They went into graphic detail as to how and why the little boy died leaving absolutely nothing to the imagination. As a mother of a little boy only a few months younger, my heart broke 4 times today.

I didn’t notice it until I had Gabby in my life but it’s been bothering me for a while. You are basically a captive audience. You switch on the radio and sounds are pumped into your ears as you potter about. So, every hour you have to hear the news. The same news in grotesque detail that you heard 60 minutes ago. If the news is so important why isn’t it on the TV every hour? Has the radio not heard of the internet? if you want to read the news in any manner of gory detail it’s all there on the internet. Don’t make my kids hear it!

Yes I could switch it off, but what if I’m out the room?

There’s a watershed on the TV, why isn’t there one on the radio? {point courtesy of my sister in-law!} and do we really need the news every hour? Fair enough if there’s breaking news, but generally, I don’t think it’s necessary and what is allowed to be said prior to the watershed should be thought about seriously!!!

Rant over.