On 26th February I started training with Dan from Sound Mind and Body, a personal training gym in Benton, Newcastle. I set myself 2 weight loss after pregnancy goals. The first was a beach holiday in Gran Canaria (bikini alert). The second was 3 months after we started (I want to be buff!).

Well, we’re at the deadline for goal 1 as I’m off to Gran Canaria tomorrow!! So how have I done??

Weight loss after pregnancy

Here are my stats…

Weight = I have lost 4.4kg (9.7lbs)
Body fat = from 24.2% to 21.4%
Measurements = I have lost 19 cm 


Weirdly, or maybe not, I have lost cms and fat from everywhere except my thighs. They are EXACTLY the same as when we started! Dan says it’s likely that they are the area I put weight on first (all true), therefore they will be the place I lose it last. What a cruel world.

Weight loss after pregnancy

Weight loss after pregnancy – 6 months

weight loss after pregnancy - 8 months

weight loss after pregnancy – 8 months (5 weeks after starting at Sound Mind and Body)*

How has it been so far? HARD!! I used to be able to go on a diet and be able to tell the difference within a week. Now, it has taken 5 weeks, and despite my best efforts most of the weight loss happened in the last 2 weeks when I stopped drinking (booze) and I started juicing (I also stopped breastfeeding Reuben then too but I think it’s maybe a coincidence?). The 2 main things I’ve learnt so far from the experience with Sound Mind and Body is:

1. Working with someone else motivates me – Dan was more excited than me when we got the stats back. It gives me a focus as I hate to let people down. Dan’s working hard with me so when each week I step on the scales and they have barely moved I feel really bad and, therefore, motivated to lose the weight. Something I don’t think I would have achieved on my own, or at least not this quickly.

2. A strict diet works for me – now by strict, I don’t mean in the sense that juicing is like an endurance exercise, far from it. I love it! What I mean is that all I have for 2 meals a day is juice, therefore, I don’t have to think. I’m at my best when I don’t have to think. If I think, I then start to talk myself into having a slice of toast with loads of butter. Or a coffee and a cake when I’m out. You just have a couple of juices (and no I don’t feel hungry) and then fish/chicken/lean meat with a salad for tea. Easy. And it works.

Right, bon voyage for me! We’re off at 5:30am so I have to go get my beauty sleep… too excited to sleep!

What have you been doing to achieve your weight loss after pregnancy goals? I’d love to hear what your goals are and any of your tips! Also, what motivates you? I’ve been keeping motivational pictures on my pinterest board, thinspiration – Let me know your pinterest accounts and I’ll follow you.

*Apologies for the lack of nautical pants. There were in the wash!